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A Healthy Taste of Our History:

It all started as a family business. Combining a degree in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics with her family’s 50 years of experience in Hotels and the catering industry, Mireille Rizk Corbani set up a small kitchen in Beirut to create healthy meals that would promote weight loss and a healthier diet. Due to high demand, and thanks to personal follow-up, this establishment grew rapidly as her team became increasingly knowledgable about healthy cooking procedures and products. Their success was shown in the founding of the Le Gabarit Diet Center, just one after opening her small kitchen.


Today, Le Gabarit Diet Center targets not only the private sector, but has expanded to the corporate sphere as well. Having started as a clinic, Le Gabarit diet center hosts  dietetic & physiotherapy consultations, aesthetic treatments, a huge catering division serving both individuals and businesses, diet plans that meet people’s specific needs, and last but not least Le Gabarit Bio.

We Do Add More Value Besides Nutrition. Here’s what we do: Adding Value Beyond Nutrition, What We Do

We take great pleasure in assisting and benefiting not only YOU, but the environment as well.

We provide nutritious and filling meals for a healthy lifestyle while offering high quality service.

We integrate healthy food into society’s eating habits so that it becomes YOUR lifestyle.


Enough about us—let’s talk about you. Whether you’re worried about your weight,, merely want to choose the best quality food without having to worry, are looking to eat healthier without sacrificing taste, or maybe you just want to fit in some skinny jeans, or show off your muscles, whatever your goal we at Le Gabarit-Diet Center will make your wishes come true.


Some Success Stories To Share:

We help you shape your body, and we do it with a passion. We love what we do, and know that many people love it too. That’s why we’ve taken the time to get to know many of our clients and have them share their success stories with you…..

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