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Le Gabarit offers top-notch healthy food and beverage experiences with flawless execution to businesses, institutions, and private clients in Lebanon. Whatever the occasion, you can rest assured that the food will be delicious, the service excellent, and the guests wowed.


With more than 600 healthy and dietary dishes, as well as over 50 Sugar-Free desserts that are low in fat and suitable for diabetics, Le Gabarit offers a wide variety that is guaranteed to satisfy everyone’s taste buds.


We offer three cycle menus: Full day cycle, Half day cycle, and Lunch Box.

1- The Full day cycle menu covers your entire intake throughout the day, from breakfast to dinner, taking into consideration your personal needs.
2- The Half day cycle menu does not include breakfast, but is similar to the full day basket with its ability to provide you with the proper energy for the whole day.
3- The Lunch Box menu is all about the perfect lunch to boost your energy on a long hard day.


Check out the cycle menus’ prices for regular and Gourmet:


Here’s a breakdown of our menus:

1- Breakfast Menu
Breakfast provides you with the nutrients and energy you need for a good start to your day. Doctors and dietitians agree that a healthy, balanced breakfast is essential for both the body and brain to function at their best. Eating the right breakfast will also help limit cravings for high fat foods during the lead-up to lunch.
To see what breakfasts are featured in the current menus simply click on the following link:
Breakfast menu


2- Lunch and Snacks Menu
All lunches and snacks are fully prepared and ready to eat,and with such a wide variety of lunches available, you will never get bored. No more standing in queues at the takeaway shop, or grabbing a quick bite from the fridge with little to no nutritional value. The menu is not only delicious, but low in fat and rich in complex carbohydrates to keep you functioning at your best for the rest of the day. To see what lunches and snacks are featured in the current menus simply click on the following links:
Lunch Menu
Snack Menu


3- Dinner Menu:
Our production team has many goals. One of the most important of these is to create a range of low fat, and nutritious meals that taste so good, anyone would enjoy eating them.
Whether for weight loss or convenience, we believe eating should be both an enjoyable experience, as well as a healthy one. With so many dinners to choose from, it’s just like having your own chef at home. To see what dinners are featured in the current menus simply click on the following link:
Dinner Menu


In addition to our menus, for those of you with a sweet tooth we have a huge selection of desserts, and if you need a fast meal we have large variety of frozen foodas well.

Special Desserts:
Using only the finest ingredients combined with traditional cooking methods and the highest quality control, our team has developed a huge selection of delicious desserts that will leave your mouth watering.
To try our enchanting desserts and experience their amazing taste, simply click on the following link:
Special Desserts


Frozen Food:
Our ready-to-eat cuisine will save you long hours in the kitchen, especially when you’re out of time and out of patience.
This cuisine is freshly prepared and guaranteed to satisfy your hunger during long hard days.
To check out our large variety of Frozen food simply click on the following link:
Frozen Food


What’s more?

We cater all kinds of occasions like private parties, birthdays, weddings, events, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, symposiums, and banquets, and to all types of organizations like schools, hospitals, banks, and even hotels.


Want to know where we have been? Here are some of the occasions we have catered for:
1- The 6000 person event “Nike I Run Beirut 5K” in 2012
2- The Decathlon team at Beirut Marathon in2012.
3- The TV Show “Star Academy” hosted on LBC for two consecutive seasons.
4- The TV show “The Perfect Bride” also hosted on LBC.
5- The Arab World Tennis Tournament in2011.
6- The Awareness discussion at the Canadian Ambassador’s residence in2011.

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