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The freshest produce possible delivered right to your door.

With an all organic selection, Le Gabarit Bio brings the farm closer to your home with their regular deliveries that give you high quality products without the chores of grocery shopping.

Le Gabarit Bio brings together the skills of health consultants with organic products and organized distribution to bring quality Biomass organic products to your business or home, and into your life as a whole.

The organic basket delivery services offered by Le Gabarit Bio has two basic options for its most popular weekly delivery service.

Option # 1 – The first of these is the standard weekly delivery service. Ordering in this method gives you the choice between two standardized baskets that are picked by Le Gabarit Bio staff  to compliment flavors and provide you with the freshest produce for the particular season.

Option # 2 – The second option gives you a bit more freedom, and is better suited for the pickier eaters out there. Here you are able to decide which products you would like to have included in your basket. You will be provided with a list to choose from all the available Biomass products, which varies according to availability and season.

Trust Le Gabarit Bio in choosing the all important ingredients for your life. With our passion, knowledge and experience you won’t be disappointed

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