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Your first visit to our center starts with a dietetic consultation with Mireille Rizk Corbani, the founder and owner of Le Gabarit. Mireille, a dietitian with more than 15 years of experience, isin charge of the program that all clients must follow to get the ideal results. She also makes sure that all meals are low in fat and the  menu is nutritionally balanced as a whole. After the first consultation, you will have the choice of either following your own diet as prescribed by Mrs. Mireille, or to subscribe to our catering services. If you decide to go with our catering services, customer service representatives will help you design a personalized menu that follows Mireille’s nutritional recommendations, while also enjoying the convenience of having all your meals delivered to your home. In addition to food programs that are adapted to your needs, we have slimming massages and treatments tailored to your desires.


Some Info to Shrink Your Fat Cells & Boost Your Brain Activity!

ULTRASOUNDS THERAPY : ultrasounds are mechanical vibrations that create in the effects of compression and decompression within body tissues. Thus, the intra- and extra-cellular particles have oscillatory movement. This effect is also named micro-massage. It increases the permeability of the cellular membranes, while also   improving circulation of fluids within the cells. It improves the spreading process as well as cellular metabolism. As a final result, these vibrations reduce fat thickness in basic body areas such as arms, stomach, thighs and legs.

ENDERMOLOGIE, LPG Systems is the result of years of experience in designing and manufacturing equipment for treating cutaneous and subcutaneous tissues. Endermologie smoothes the skin by reducing superficial fat or cellulite.

PRESSURE THERAPY serves to eliminate venous insufficiencies of decongestion and for prophylaxis of thrombosis. During the treatment, the tissue is decongested, blood and lymph fluid are stimulated, and the metabolism process and gas exchange improved.

ELECTROTHERAPY is bioelectrical treatments that are used in the beauty field for body and face shaping, and as an aid to slimming, anti-aging, muscle building and general fitness.

JET VIBE is a vibrating plate reducing fat thickness, building muscle, and preventing heart disease. Eleven minutes of Jet Vibe equal one full hour of workout.

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